Oppose the Birmingham Arms fair


The DPRTE Arms fair planned for Thursday 28 March has been moved out of Birmingham in response to the planned protests. 

But this is not the end – many are planning to follow the Arms fair to its new home on the Farnborough Airbase, Surrey, to challenge it there. 



Hugh Douglas from Birmingham Stop the Arms Fair said: “This move is a response to the people of Birmingham and of Solihull making it clear that the arms industry is not welcome here. The DPRTE was already chased out of Cardiff, and now Birmingham. The government might be willing to ignore the death and destruction caused by the arms industry, but local people are not.”

full details on https://www.facebook.com/brumstaf/


The war in Yemen has caused the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. More than 85,000 children under the age of 5 have died from malnutrition. The fighting and the Saudi-imposed blockade have caused a cholera outbreak that has affected over 1.2million people.

The UK government is directly involved in causing this suffering. It has licensed almost £5billion of weaponry to the Saudi regime since the bombing began in 2015. UK-made planes are dropping UK-made bombs in Yemen.



Stop Arming Saudi 



British arms exports to Israel


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