report January 2022

Secretary’s Supplementary Report for AGM Thurs 21 January 2021
Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

2022 WB&DTUC officer nominations received from UNITE WM6150 and UNISON City of Wolverhampton: President (Chairperson) Marie Taylor UNITE LE/372 Secretary Nick Kelleher UNITE WM/6150 Treasurer John Grant UCU nominations for other Executive Committee positions to be taken at meeting

Thanks to branches that have so far re-affiliated for 2022:

Community, MU, UNISON City of Wolverhampton, UNITE WM6150, UNITE WM/5203 (Ret Mem) affiliation form at

WB&DTUC 2021/22 Annual report

from EC Report 12 Jan 2022:
TUC Webinar: Flexible working – know your rights 2pm Thursday 20 Jan 2022
Join us for this webinar where we’ll hear from Jo Seery from Thompsons Solicitors, who will talk through the current legal position (including the impact of relevant case law) regarding individual rights to flexible working. Read the full event.

TUC ♥ Unions week #HeartUnions week 14-20 Feb 22. encourage as many people as possible who are already union members to ask someone they know to join one too. – We are unable to do our usual street stall activities. Authorise up to £50 for Facebook TUC Join a union adverts.

12 Feb 2022 HeartUnions Rally – To mark the start of HeartUnions Week, the Morning Star and the TUC have teamed up again to host an online rally. Read the full event.

14 Feb 2022 HeartUnions: Every worker needs a union – organising call
This organising call will invite union members to talk to non-members about the union during Heartunions week, because ‘Every worker needs a union!’ Read the full event.

16 Feb 2022 HeartUnions: Trade unions organising to win around the world
This webinar will show how trade unions are organising to win major industrial and political victories around the world. Read the full event.

research into Wolverhampton/Staffordshire links to slave owners paid state compensation at abolition. Our researcher is expected to produce a report this month and a separate meting will be arranged.