September 2005

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC
MINUTES of Delegate meeting    15-9-05

Sisters:   Taylor (CYWU), Ceresa(UNISON), Lowe(TGWU) and another sister..
Brothers: Kelleher(UNISON),  Brackenridge(FBU),  Cole(NUT),  Deacon(UNISON),  Juss(GMB),  Marris(TGWU),  Grant(NATFHE), Lowe (Amicus),  Turner (UNISON),  Jones (PCS)
Apologies: Marion Halfpenny (NUT), Penny Welch (NATFHE), Sagoo(UNISON) Goalby(FBU) Tinsley(FBU), Farmer(UNISON),  Sahota(UNISON),  McFadden MP, Purchase MP

2. Minutes of the last meeting – agreed to be a true record.  MATTERS ARISING:  Employment Advice sub-committee to meet 20-9-05.
2.7  Bro. Brackenridge that he met Pat McFadden and he confirmed Government website that there are no plans to means test firefighters’ pensions if they were born before 1948.

3.2 Black Country STW invite to co-sponsor proposed meeting in November, speaker – Andrew Murray – agreed Secretary make arrangements.
3.4 Bro. Deacon re public liability charges for council premises for voluntary groups eg for Dunstall.  Cheapest quote £195 p.a.  No decision to purchase annual insurance.  Need more info from council.
3.5 Chief Executive W’ton Council survey of W’ton Advice Agencies on race cases – to be completed by Secretary & copy to UNISON General
3.6 Robin2 reply re Manning – Secretary abroad, info was passed to delegates & BCUAF but demo not held
3.7 TUC re Proposed International LGBT conference – in response to our letter – there will be an invitation to TUCs but there will also be a fee.
3.8 Chief Executive W’ton Council re plans for Civil Partnership ceremonies- in response to our letter – plans are in place and ceremonies are expected before the end of the year.
3.16 Cuba Solidarity raffle tickets sold to delegates at meeting – passed to CSC group
3.21 Invite to LGBT Network `census` report back Sat 15th Oct 11am-12.30 open to all.  Trade union questions in census.
3.22 Monthly unemployed claimant – made request to be able to circulate via email and website to council.
3.25 B’ham NUT conference 8th October Against City Academies – passed to NUT
Correspondence Sent:
3.28 WB&DTUC submission to Future of Midlands TUC discussion – deadline now closed
3.31 Secretary UNISON Health re non-payment of affiliation fee – no response

a) Secretary – Written report circulated
b) Treasurer –reported a healthy balance to delegates.
c) workplace reports – Bro. Lowe, at the invitation of the Executive, attended and spoke to thank delegates for their letter of support to Amicus.  His case is ongoing and he has trade union representation.
d) Cuba Solidarity Campaign report – £500 plus stock held. They have developed links with Santa Clara and may be in a position to invite a Cuban TU’ist over to the West Midlands.  Assistance from union branches appreciated.

5. No resolutions

6. Speaker: Rob Marris MP addressed council on the Equality Bill. Merger of agencies 2007, CRE to be separate until 2009. Increase in overall budget. New CEHR agency won’t be able to represent at Employment Tribunals. He also gave his views on the possible New Cross merger.  Proposals are due out October 2005.

7. AOB  – Bro. Cole proposed a vote of thanks for the report on the visit to meet trades unionists in Venezuela by Bro. Kelleher & Goodall.  Agreed invite speaker to give update on the revolution.

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