September 2007




Halfpenny (NUT), Ceresa (UNISON), Taylor (CYWU/UNITE). Petford (AMICUS 0758m/UNITE),

Kelleher (UNISON GENERAL), Cole (NUT), Muir (CYWU/UNITE), Farmer (UNISON GENERAL), Deacon (UNISON GENERAL), Goodall (UNISON HEALTH), Grant (UCC), Ash (UNISON), Marris (TGWV/UNITE), Baynham (AMICUS/UNITE),  Cryer (T&G/UNITE).
Purchase M.P, Hardacre (ASPECT),  Childs (CWU) Brackenridge (FBU).

 Welcome to all delegates new and old. Welcome to Sis. Petford from UNITE.

 Agreed correct record with addition of  Sis. Halfpenny sent apologies.

 Matters Arising
 2.1  Going through cheques at present.
 3.5  TUCJCC minutes are not yet on the website.  Should be on TUC website nationally    according to our TUCJCC rep Dorothy Heath.
 3.6 No response from Liberty re: ID cards.
 4. e Bro. Deacon expenses paid after delay. Thanks for LGBT TUC report on website.
  Signatures on cheques discussed.

• Faslane 365 Blockade –  1/10/07 coach £25.  Contact Bro.  Kelleher if interested asap.
• Cuba Day – Coventry 29/9/07 – 11a.m.
• Show Justice for Columbia DVD at future meeting – short 5 minute film.
• 23rd September – Unite rally at Labour Party Conference. Free coach leaves West Bromwich at 7a.m. Let Bro.  Kelleher know.
• Unite Against Fascism – agreed to affiliate for £20.
• Troops Out offered speaker.  Agreed we invite a speaker.
• Stop Academies public meeting – 27th September – 7p.m – Victoria Square, Birmingham.  Ken Purchase M.P speaker.

 (a) SECRETARY – No interest in “Stop the War” demo – Monday 8/10/07.
  3/11/07 UNISON – National NHS demonstration.  Thanks to volunteers at Leeds and   Glastonbury festivals.  £1,150 raised at Leeds for W B & D TUC.

 (b) TREASURER – healthy balance reported.

(c) WORKPLACE REPORTS – Bro. Deacon – UNISON said pay claim of 2.475 % rejected, ballot for action, 2 day strike in Mid November, CYWU/UNITE –  pay claim – offer unlikely to be above 2%. Ballot possible in October, depending on meeting.  NUT is intending to ballot members on pay also.  Organise local rally in St. Peters Square during strike.  Bro. Kelleher to be informed of local progress.  Could get reports from Unions who are not represented here.
 Public Service Unions need to know what each other are doing.
 Bro. Goodall reported on situation at New Cross Hospital.  Higher posts are being decreased and lowest graded increased.  No pay protection being offered to staff that are affected.  Vote likely for strike action.

(d) MIDLANDS TUC EC – Brief verbal report from Sis. Halfpenny.

(e) TRADES UNION CONGRESS –verbal report. Sis. Taylor to distribute written report

(f) WOLVERHAMPTON TOGETHER (anti BNP campaign) – Rob Marris M.P spoke.  Well attended meeting.  Idea to broaden out anti- fascist movement in Wolverhampton 
 Delegate from W, B & D TUC is needed for this movement.  Sis.  Halfpenny, Ceresa and Taylor are willing to be delegates to Wolverhampton Together.  TUC policy is to campaign against BNP.  Rob Marris M.P will contact Sis.Halfpenny

 (g) PALESTINE SOLIDARITY– possible film night around 20/11/07 depending on   Lighthouse.
  Arms trade with Israel.  Possible boycott of Israel is still a hot debate.

 (h) CUBA SOLIDARITY – Garden party in garage due to weather.  Profit was made &   enjoyable.  Bro. Brackenridge – good place for venue.
  Dave Cole has family problems and has not been able to organise AGM.  Luis   Marron is now based in London Embassy.  Hopefully will visit. 

JOHN CRYER T&G/UNITE.  Parliamentary Campaign Officer on the EU & Migrant  Workers.
 Described conditions of exploited migrant workers.  Treatment of agency workers.  No equal  treatment.  Campaigning work of T&G re: Herefordshire strawberry pickers and Domino pizza  workers.  Problems over EU legislation. 
Suggested that Bro.Cole & Kelleher contact  constituency M.P Pat McFadden re: migrant workers.

6. AOB
Chainmakers Festival – WB&DTUC banner on march – good number of our delegates went.  Good turn out.  Write to Museum and congratulate them.  Difficulty with obtaining tickets.
 Venezuela Solidarity Conference 20/10/07 – 9.45a.m – 5p.m.  Midlands Arts Centre,  Birmingham.



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