Solidarity with the people of Iran

Liberation webinar to inform about and show solidarity with the Iranian people and their demands for change, and to oppose any imperialist intervention in Iran. 

Iran: the people vs dictatorship, for peace & popular sovereignty view webinar – start it at 9min 46sec as long pause at start while they set up


Professor Ervand Abrahamian (historian, New York University),

Azar Sepehr, (Women’s rights activist Democratic Organisation of Iranian Women in UK),

Kemal Ozkan (Assistant General Secretary, IndustriALL)

Comarde Habib (International Dept, Tudeh Party Iran)

Jeremy Corbyn MP, (Liberation, Peace & Justice Project)

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CODIR Campaigns for Peace, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran

CODIR was established in 1981 by a group of British labour and trade union activists in collaboration with Iranian democrats living in exile in the UK.

The main aim of the organisation since its inception has been to provide truthful and unbiased information and analysis about the reality of life in Iran.