Songbook for Revolution

Songbook for Revolution

I bought my copy of the second edition of Socialist Song Book at the Labour Party Young Socialists (they were the days) Summer Camp in 1981, for the price of 20p in aid of the Militant Fighting Fund, and the forward from it reads:

“Dear Comrades, this is the 2nd edition of our ‘Socialist Song Book’. We had intended to include a selection of new songs but due to the pressure of political activity this has been impossible. We would like to re-state that those of us who have compiled and produced this book do not necessarily agree politically with all thee songs but feel that each has won a place in labour movement traditions.     Yours comradely Jenny Smith     April 1974”

Whilst cleaning some very dusty bookshelves I found the songbook again, and in a year of war, and the twentieth anniversary of the Miners’ Strike it seemed fitting that a third edition was published. I have added a Miners’ song: ‘We Won’t Forget’, written by Paul Mackney in 1985, and several others from the Wolverhampton and District Trades Union Council website. Thank you all. The title has been changed to encourage a sense of coalition. Divided we fall.

Enjoy the Songbook and draw strength from its words. Share it with your comrades.

Bobbie Petford October 2004


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