Together Against the Racist EDL

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No march for EDL in Wolverhampton 20-11-10;  click here for full details 


The English Defence League (EDL), a mixture of football hooligans and BNP supporters, came to Dudley again on Saturday 17th July 2010 in a further attempt to stir up hatred and division with their Islamophobia and racism. Claiming only to be against extremist Islamists, they do in fact incite hatred against all Muslims. They have at the core of their organisation BNP fascists, whose aim, in the words of Nick Griffin, is an 'all white Britain'.

Racist EDL not welcome in Dudley. EDL supporters have caused major disruption, violence, and public disorder across the country.

This rally was supported, amongst others, by the Bishop of Dudley, Dudley Central Mosque, Dudley Interfaith Network, and Unite Against Fascism, Dudley TUC.  WB&DTUC was there.

One Dudley Community Celebration, One Community Together celebrated our home with Live Music • Great Food

The EDL describes itself as 'opposed to Islamic Extremism' but they peddle the nonsensical myth that Britain is threatened by Sharia Law and have made it clear that they are violently hostile to the Muslim Community as a whole.
This society is all the richer for its diversity and there is no place for racists trying to stir up hatred of one faith or community. 

When they came on April 3rd they caused the town to be boarded up for the day and tried to attack opponents and property, they say they are coming again and have stated THAT THEY DON'T CARE WHAT PROBLEMS IT CAUSES FOR THE TOWN !! 

Like the BNP, the EDL try to claim they are not racist – yet hold anti-Muslim placards and sing racist chants. When given the space, such as in Luton, they attacked Asian businesses. In Stoke the Police ended their containment of the EDL once the UAF protest ended. Then around 600 EDL thugs marched through a mixed race area attacking cars and smashing shop windows.
Therefore it is important that we show the EDL that they are not welcome in
Dudley by mobilising as big of a protest as possible. Unless we do this the EDL ¬with the support of the BNP – will march through Dudley unopposed, able to intimidate local residents and portray themselves as the 'sieg hailing' majority.
It is important that all in Dudley and surrounding areas, Black, Asian and White, Muslim, Christian and all Faiths, demonstrate a public display of unity on 17 th July to show the racists they cannot divide us nor go unopposed through our town.
The EDL are not welcome in Dudley
No to the EDL, Yes to multicultural Britain
Easter Saturday – People of faith, no-faith, anti-fascists and anti-racists joined together in a peaceful celebration of our multicultural society and a clear expression of opposition to the hatred espoused by the EDL.
There were speakers and a lineup of musicians and artists with Birmingham hip hop star Malik, soul singing sensation Yelitza, and more.
Stewards worked with West Midlands Police, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council and faith groups to ensure our protest was peaceful.
The Islamophobic EDL's  latest in its series of anti-Muslim rallies was held in Dudley. Their aim to march was thwarted by protest and they were hemmed into a car park on an industrial estate all afternoon., until they eventually pushed them down, attacked police and smashed car windows. 
DUDLEY Council has condemned the English Defence League’s violence following today’s protest.  In a statement released this evening, John Polychronakis, Chief Executive at Dudley Council, said:
“We are extremely disappointed that Dudley was targeted by the EDL and are saddened to witness their public disorder and violence. This was not a peaceful demonstration.  
     However, the council and the police recognise that the UAF’s event did pass peacefully, as intended."
Any pretence that the EDL is not racist and Islamophobic is dispelled by the racist chanting and slogans that accompany their demos, and by the racist violence that follows in their wake.
The English Defence League (EDL) – a group of racist thugs and football hooligans with links to the Nazi BNP – will be marching in Dudley on Saturday 3rd April to whip up hatred against Muslims.
These thugs spread fear and terror when they rampaged through Luton, Bolton and Stoke.
They smashed cars, attacked shops and assaulted Asians. When some locals tried to stop them they were called ‘race traitors’ and attacked.
Don’t be conned by the EDL’s claims to be just against ‘Muslim extremism’. On their marches they have sang racist chants and some have given Nazi salutes. These racists want to intimidate and attack all ethnic minorities.
Dudley is a peaceful multi-cultural Town and the EDL should not be allowed to rampage through the streets.
Join our protest rally to show these racists and fascists that they are not welcome here! 
Wolverhampton trades council banner was present as usual.
Protest called by Unite Against Fascism. Supported by Dudley Trades Union Council, Midlands TUC, Wolverhampton UNISON, Wolverhampton TUC and other trade union bodies.

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