£16million shortfall for Wolverhampton City Council next year

Freedom of Information request “What is your current predicted funding gap by the end of the financial year 2024/25?”

Wolverhampton City Council responded that it would be £16,400,000. All councils are legally bound to balance their budget by the end of each financial year.

You can see from UNISON’s Council cuts map https://councilcuts.unison.org.uk/p/11 the dire finances of other councils including the already bankrupt Birmingham council, after years of Tory government cuts to the councils’ funding.

To add to this – the vast majority of councils are facing growing levels of funding shortfalls for the financial year 2025/26 and potentially beyond unless more central government funding is forthcoming.

UNISON has produced new research https://www.unison.org.uk/news/2023/09/councils-face-dire-cash-crisis-totalling-more-than-3-5bn/ showing that local councils will be short by £3.5billion

Local government is in crisis. Councils have to spend billions to keep our communities running and protect the most vulnerable yet after years of constant cuts, local services are now stretched to breaking point.

Libraries are shutting, waste collections are reducing, and social services are shrinking. More and more essential local services – that we all rely on every day – are crumbling away.

UNISON’s research has uncovered that there is a funding gap of just over £3.5 billion for 2024/25 and predicts a cumulative shortfall of £7 billion by 2025/26 in local government. This is only going to get worse unless more central government funding is provided.

Our local councils must be properly funded. It’s time to stand up for them and protect the vital services they deliver.

Email your MP, to tell them you care about council cuts and that you want them to support local services https://action.unison.org.uk/page/110060/action/1

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