2007 AGM



Kelleher (UNISON),  Ceresa (UNISON), Rahimi (ARC),  Taylor (CYWU),  Farmer (UNISON), Muir (CYWU),  Brackenridge (FBU),  Hardacre (ASPECT),  Halfpenny (NUT), Juss (GMB),Ash (UNISON), Cole (NUT), Davis(UNISON)  Childs (CWU),  Deacon (UNISON, Naughton – speaker

Apologies: Rob Harris (TGWU), Satwant Sagoo (UNISON), Phil Goalby (FBU), John Grant (UCU)
Penny Welch (UCU), Mike Hardacre (Aspect).

 Welcome to new delegates.  Welcome to ATL who will be attending in future.
 Agreed true and accurate.  No matters arising.

 Dave Cole – “Private Eye” – re: Ruth Kelly!  Britain Satellite of U.S. at Bush’s beck and call.
 Brown says “Special relationship must stop”
 Education system only cares about targets of achievement.
 NHS almost at point of collapse. 
 New Labour needs to shed itself of Tony Blair and all it stands for.
 Anti Trade Union laws have not been repeated.
Government concerned more about profits than humanity.  Prime Minister keeps quiet.
 The Government needs to change.  New Labour ideals cast aside and put people first.  
(i) Secretary – Supplementary and Annual. 
Nick Kelleher has produced excellent report and needs to be commended for all he has done.
A number of events have drawn in a large number of trade unionists and some who are not affiliated.
Anti BNP – Danesmore Park School closure.  Rally & media support gained may have helped to gain Anti BNP support. Assistance been given in organisation of demonstration in Ashmore Park next week by UNISON & WB&DTUC. Our banner to be taken, call for support made and branches gave messages of support to be read out.
May be more industrial action against pensions in the coming year, co-ordinate any rally.
Holocaust Memorial Day – 27/1/07-11a.m.  LGBT did not receive invite although have attended for the last 2 years.  Anti-fascist speaker organised for event in line with our action plan.
If any fascist graffiti is seen phone council 556566 and ask for it to be removed. e.g. swastika.
200th anniversary of abolition of slavery in British Empire.
Action points are clear on report.
Newsletters and magazines circulated.

(ii) Treasurer – apologies due to operation, best wishes were recorded.  Accounts were circulated and yet to be audited.  Questions can be taken at February meeting.

 None elected

 None contested. See Secretary’s supplementary report.
 (a) President – Dave Cole.
 (b) Vice President – Marie Taylor
 (c) Secretary – Nick Kelleher
(d) Treasurer – John Grant
(e) Minutes Secretary – Marion Halfpenny
(f) Auditor – Adrian Turner
(g) Black Workers TUC observer – Warinder Juss
 (h) LGBT TUC observer – Bob Deacon.
 (j) Woman’s TUC observer – Marie Taylor & Satwant Sagoo nominated. Sis. Taylor elected.
 (n) Trades Union Council Annual Conference Delegates – put to next meeting.
 Unfilled positions left on Executive.

Speaker: Carol Naughton
– Co-ordinator Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness Programme, (& formally Chair CND)
Get into schools, issue of nuclear weapons is not brought to schools.
Events at Faslane etc.
4 submarines – Trident – 48 nuclear warheads, don’t know if targeted or not. 100 kilotons (8 times size of Hiroshima).  Huge weapons.  Policy of Government is 1st use.
Warheads made at Aldermaston.  Aldermaston has invested in computer systems etc to make new weapons.  Missiles are leased from U.S.  Submarines were built in Barrow – NOT just “Replacing Submarines”. If we continue Trident, as an “insurance policy” we replace them it will continue for 50 years. 
Most countries of the world have decided not to become Nuclear Weapon States. Britain would have a lot of credibility if we decided not to have Nuclear Weapons.
In 30 years of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty has not been fulfilled. 
Tony Blair wants decision on Trident before he goes. 

Agreed to donate £50 to WMD Awareness Programme (aka British Pugwash Trust)
Carol Naughton was invited to revisit Wolverhampton in the coming year to speak to a wider audience.

Carol presented WB&DTUC with a copy of the DVD Anthropology 101 and was in turn presented with a copy of the WB&DTUC History.

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