April 2002

W’ton TUC minutes of delegate meeting 18th April 2002

Present: Sis Sagoo, Taylor(in Chair), Aujla, Bro Scroop, Whitston, Kelleher, Juss, Ashcroft, Deacon, Grant, Davis and two other observers

1. Apologies: Bro. Brackenridge, Marris, Ash, Purchase, Joynson, Hall
2. no nominations for President or remaining EC posts
3. Minutes of March delegate meeting agreed, matters arising:
a. no contact been able to be made with Satpal Ram campaign
b. Sat 25th May Friction Dynamics anniversary demo, Caernarfon – minibus still planned but need more names else cars.
c. TU Pensioners to have stall at May Day – contact Bro.Halestrap
d. TUC responded in response to query re lack of info on L&G network

4.0. Correspondence:
4.1. TUC – seeking nominations for L&G network – DELEGATE Bro.Deacon
4.2. CAEF public meeting, flyers distributed
4.3. Birmingham TUC mailing, Fete de l’Humanite 12-16 Sept Paris £160
4.4. TUIREG re closure due to debts
4.5. Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial committee, cards Agreed PURCHASE FOR SELLING ON 100 for £30 AND 4 T-SHIRTS ~£30
4.6. Durham Miners gala request for advert £35 NOTED
4.7. National demo – Justice for Palestine! 18 May London – ENQUIRE RE TRANSPORT from B’ham. Look into transport if 20 names in next week, link with UNISON possibly
4.8. Women’s TUC and Regional TUC reports from Sis.Taylor, circulated
4.9. Newsletters, available at meeting: W.Mids CND, Liberty, Searchlight, Walsall WEA H&S bulletins, Voices(Iraq), Coventry TUC, GMB public services campaign report
4.10. Combating Institutional Racism in Wolverhampton by Dr G.Barnsby – Sis Aujla to pass comment re purchase to Secretary
4.11. TUC – new racism at work leaflets
4.12. amicus-MSF clergy section Workers Memorial Day pamphlet
4.13. Workers’ Beer Co. extra festival dates
4.14. Friends of Bilston college open letter to Margaret Hodge MP
4.15. B’ham Rep No Sweat play set in B’ham car plant runs till 4 May – it is excellent
4.16. Liberty annual report
4.17. WC Council Personnels re Bro.Deacon and Bro.Davies(confirmed) re release time for TUC Conferences
4.18. MPs re maternity rights in employment bill
4.19. TUC & Hazards WMDay info for websites
4.20. TUCJCC minutes to CATUC, notification for EC nomination of Bro.Kelleher
4.21. Hazards 2002 £25 donation
4.22. TU Friends of Searchlight £50 affiliation
4.23. £150 donation, £70 train fares – Friction Dynamics
4.24. Able-Labels new TUC address labels & ink stamps £20.65
4.25. adverts Morning Star for WMDay and May Day
4.26. MSF re WMDay pack

5. Secretary’s report – anti-fascist leafleting in Tipton ongoing, new dates announced. Met with Chair LP SW CLP to discuss joint work, Bro.Juss coming as TU Liaison Officer, Palestine demo this Sat B’ham, banner to be taken. Speakers for May/June – National Women’s Aid & TUs Against Single Currency.

6. Treasurer’s report – delegates welcomed him back after his operation. He reported funds also to be healthy, full accounts to be presented next month. Affiliations remain steady but donations have tripled but festival money has still increased our funds. £5/month stil going to Liverpool Dockers, referred to EC

7. Black Workers’ TUC -Bro.Davis had attended and gave a report, will provide a written report

8. Workers’ Memorial Day – Sunday 28th April – delegates urged to prepare short speeches if possible. Delegates urged to attend

9. May 1st Rally (Wednesday) – ask Bro.Mistry or Rana to draft opening speech for mayor, MC needed, programme distributed, posters and flyers ready soon, to be distributed, delegates urged to attend

10. Speaker from Stop the War Coalition, Dave Ashcroft spoke on the situation in the Middle East and revitalising the Coalition, concentrating on Palestine. Coach for 18th May? Bro.Whitston &Kelleher to liase over press statement from TUC.
Meeting agreed Mon 29th May 8pm Whitmore Reans Advice Centre

11. Any Other Business – none

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