May 2002

WB&DTUC Minutes of Delegate Meeting Thursday 16th May 2002

• Sis. M Taylor (Chair)

• Attendance
• Bros. D Joynson, P Davis, T Reynolds, G Dodd, G Baynham, J Grant, K.Whitston plus 2 others Sis. M Taylor.

• 1. Apologies Bros. R Marris MP, D Turner MP, R Deacon, N Brackenridge. Sis. S Sagoo.

• 1a. Election to vacant post of President and for remaining EC places.
• No nominations.

• 2. Minutes of April delegate meeting, Matters Arising.
• Agreed a true and accurate record

• 3. Executive Committee report (09-05-02)

• Correspondence:
• 3.1.6. Liverpool Dockers’ standing Order cancelled.
• 3.2.6. Friction Dynamics, June 8th Demo – car going.
• 3.2.9. Institutional Racism Booklet – decision taken not to buy.
• 3.2.14. Death of Sis. D Fogg, card of condolence sent to Bro. K Aitchison.
• 3.4. Future speakers – agreed to invite AEU candidate Bro. Simpson, also agreed to move delegate meeting to Wednesday or possibly Friday to accommodate speaker.
• 3.6.2. Caribbean Banana Campaign material passed to Publicity Officer.
• 4. Reports:
• a) Secretary, written report provided.
• Treasurer, Income and Expenditure Account (year to 31/12/01) presented. To be audited.
• b) CATUC. Bro. Davis and Sis. Taylor elected to executive. Sis Taylor to attend TC conference from CATUC. Meeting planned to discuss effects of September 11th disaster.
• 5. Resolutions.

• None

• 7. A.O.B.

• TUCJCC minutes contains allegations that this Trades Council was involved in the nomination of more than one candidate. Jim Cessford was our nominated candidate but his nomination was ruled out of order.
• Secretary is having problems with his printer. It was agreed to purchase a new printer if necessary.

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