December 2003

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC
Treasurer-John Grant Secretary-Nick Kelleher  WB&D TUC, P.O.Box 2917 Wolverhampton WV2 2YA
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minutes: Thursday 18th December 2003

Attendance: Bros. R Marris, P Davis, N Kelleher, R Deacon, G Baynham, D Ash,
Sis. M Taylor(Chair), S Sagoo, H Aujla, D Brown, P Welch, M Williams, Millicent

Video of Colombian Sinaltrainal trade union campaign against death squads linked to their employer Coca-Cola was shown. Coca-Cola had today been ordered to find an alternative water source within 4 weeks for its plant in Kerela, India. Boycott Coca-Cola campaign going well in Ireland. July 22nd is anti-Coca-Cola Day.

1. Welcome to visitors. Apologies: Bros. N Brackenridge, D Joynson, D Turner, W Juss, J Grant, G Dodd

2. Minutes of November delegate meeting – Agreed a true and accurate record with addition of R Marris apologies Matters Arising:
3.3.14) Regional TUC written re Midlands TUC LGB&T Network, whether nominations have to come from CATUC.
It was reported at CATUC that only 1 motion could be put to Regional TUC. This was queried by Bro. Deacon. Secretary to check with regional TUC.
a) Motion “Meetings involving lay members should be organised outside works time” was not put since another was put on anti-fascism. Bro. Deacon pointed out that UNISON had already lodged a similar motion and that there was a need for communication.
b) re LGBT Network, had been put via PCS
c) Trade Union Rights – no motion drawn up due to cancellation of EC

3. Executive (11-12-03) cancelled due to number of apologies. Correspondence:
3.1) Walsall WEA reaffiliation request. AGREED donation £25 to financial appeal.
3.2) Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee request to lobby MPs re siting of statue on Abingdon College Green- MPs were written to re lobby, which turned out to be successful
3.3) North staffs Miners Wives Action Group 20th anniversary of miner’s strike plaque, AGREED donation £20 – request to circulate to branches
3.4) Wm. Cooks 130 weeks newsletter – put on website
3.5) Birmingham TUC re campaign against Labour/Tory pact on council
3.6) TUC publications list, flyer for updated Your Rights at Work £10
3.7) TUC – Guide to trades union councils, TUCs newsletter, conference resolutions 2003, registration form. Despite our complaints at conference, once again the same nomination forms have been left out.
3.8) NUJ national low pay campaign – speaker invited for AGM -approach local NUJ
3.9) CLPD mailing
3.10) WB&D TUC affiliations 2004: NASUWT, NUT, FBU, Amicus-MSF 0758 (5 years advance)
3.11) WM CATUC affiliation 2004 receipt
3.12) Newsletters Voice of the Unions, Searchlight, Walsall WEA H&S – circulated at meeting
3.13) Unite Against Fascism affiliation request – Sis. Welch to report on group to next delegate meeting.
3.14) TUFSearchlight – Fircroft College courses on race & politics 2004 details circulated at meeting and by email

3.15) second TUC Development Grant requested on basis of CATUC decision that we seek affiliation of Dudley branches as their TUC is defunct £140 and continued rent for website £100
3.16) MPs (Sec action due to deadline) re Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee request
3.17) CATUC officer nominations
3.18) WM CATUC officer nomination forms
3.19) WB&D TUC 2004 AGM mailings to Branch secretaries
3.20) Searchlight, Cnllr Lawrence re fascist party leaflet
3.21) TUFSearchlight newsletter, email only, contact Sec if you want a hard copy
3.22) receipts NASUWT, NUT, FBU, Amicus-MSF 0758
3.23) civic centre bookings 2004
3.24) Thurs 18th Dec media release and wider mailing

4. Reports:
a) Secretary – written report had been circulated

b) WB&D TUC Anti-Racist sub-committee – meeting with Cnllr. Bilson 3pm next Monday Civic. Statement of commitment circulated, still to go out in mailing with invite for meeting Tues. 27th Jan at friends meeting House, Summerfield Road. Jewish trade union activist to speak. ASSISTANCE ON THE SUB-COMMITTEE WAS SOUGHT. URGENT ASSISTANCE NEEDED WITH THIS MEETING.

c) Palestine group – next meeting Thurs 5th Feb. 2004, Dudley Road Community Centre.

5. Resolutions – none received

6. Speakers: Friends of Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice – Marcia Williams, Mikey’s partner and Millicent, his cousin (and brother of Benjamin Zephania, who refused an MBE), spoke about the campaign.
Mikey died in police custody 7th Sept at Thornhill Road Police Station, Handsworth. Still no cause of death has been released, no officers suspended, no police report. Family devastated and his 3 children still coming to terms with their father’s death. Investigation by Northampton police and prosecution underway. Support still being sought. SPEAKING OFFERS ARE BEING SOUGHT BY THE CAMPAIGN. Agreed to send out publicity, already on website. £100 donation agreed £15 travel expenses WB&D TUC History presented.

7. Any Other Business – Seasonal greetings were given by Chair and refreshments were enjoyed.

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