Everything’s going up but our pay

CANCELLED as a national event but still taking place as a regional event

Join the Blackpool TUC march and rally in Blackpool outside the Tory Spring conference
Britain needs a payrise

Saturday 19th March from 11.00am -1.30pm on the Comedy Carpet. March to the Winter Gardens. The march will go ahead from the Comedy Carpet at the Tower and the Tories will be protested in Blackpool, like they should be! 11.00am assembly at The Comedy Carpet When ready, March to the Winter Gardens / St. John’s Square with Samba Band(s) and Morris dancers. Banners and homemade placards welcome.

The Conservatives are in Blackpool for their spring conference. London-based TUCongress has now decided to leave them to it and not demand a pay rise.

Here’s why we’re marching:
Wages are standing still. They’re still lower than they were in 2008, just after the crash. This is the longest period of standstill wages in 200 years.
Bills are rising. Soaring energy prices and higher food prices are hitting family budgets hard – just as national insurance is hiked and universal credit cut.
Workers aren’t treated with respect. A million workers are still on hated zero hours contracts. There’s no action on workplace racism. And sick pay is just £96 per week.

Everything’s going up but our pay!
Families are bracing themselves for the Conservatives’ cost of living storm to hit. This government has had 12 years to get wages rising and they have failed, over and over again.

But it can be fixed: Britain needs a pay rise! Every worker – public and private sector – needs a real pay rise in 2022.

Our demands:
A real pay rise for every worker – and a real living wage for all
Respect and security for all workers – ban zero hours contracts, decent sick pay now
End racism at work now
Tax energy profits to pay our bills and raise universal credit
Boost union bargaining rights now