General Election 2019 discussion

main points from General Election 2019 delegate discussion Wolverhampton TUC (Dec19)


Wolverhampton SE 53% turnout – almost lowest in country

1,200 Labour majority, anti-Corbyn pro-Remain MP 67% Leave vote; 27% loss of votes 2017 Labour won by 8,500

Wolverhampton NE 55% turnout

4,100 Tory majority over anti-Corbyn pro-Remain MP with little campaigning by Tory67% Leave vote 29% loss of votes 2017 Labour won by 4,600 Emma Reynolds was not liked locally, many LP worked elsewhere.

Wolverhampton SW 68% turnout (slightly above national average)

1,700 Tory majority over MP linked campaign to Corbyn. Tory was bankrupt company director 13% loss of votes 2017 Labour won by 2,200

One third of voters voted for Labour’s radical shift to socialism.

2017 – similar manifesto, same leaders; but respecting Brexit vote. Total Labour vote relatively high still at 10.3m; 12.9m in 2017, 9.3m 2015, 8.6m 2010, 9.5m 2005, 10.7m 2001, 13.5m1997

Tory “Get Brexit Done” slogan was key to result, even Tories post-election were claiming that – LP had no clear or valid position. Johnson – a UK clone of Trump

Brexit main issue, Corbyn took blame, new leader will need to withstand media onslaught.

Corbyn effect? – five years of relentless smearing and attacking by press, Labour MPs , spread by social media, general anti-semitic smear with little discussion of any examples or evidence in media. One of our delegates has received anti-semitic remarks locally

MPs in Wolverhampton & elsewhere still being parachuted in

Corbyn came across well – but public’s criticism was shallow and unsubstantiated.

Many members, MPs and trade unions opposed Brexit and had little respect for referendum.

LP front bench support for Remain gave mixed message to Brexit respect position

Tories held onto votes, LP lost to LD, Brexit and SNP who had clearer Brexit positions

More use is to develop a post-Brexit planTom Watson, Deputy leader representing the broad-church, resigned called for Tory vote and got it. Attacks on LP by Ian Austin and others unprecedented – turned off electorate – low turnout in many labour areas

Poor quality councillors resulted in low turnouts

LP MP defectors all lost seats

no obvious LP leader all will be criticised eg Milliband/bacon sandwich

6million trade unionists 1/2million Labour party members, still biggest in western europe

link between LP and trade unions diminished. no Momentum link to local trade unions

last May – Labour retained all but one seat retained in local elections, with Bushbury North lost by just 8 votes. Ian Brookfield elected as new Council Leader The council now has 50 Labour and 10 Tory.

support for LP in South East & London and among those aged <45

LP cant take BME vote for granted

In 18 months of being a councillor, one delegate had seen a move rightwards in W’ton NE, LP being blamed for everything while instigating Tory govt cuts

inequality of income reduced while inequality of wealth increased and unemployment reduced, mortgages cheap: austerity not affected all working class> average wage £22k in WMidlands and more food banks and homelessness under Tories

A delegate works in northern ex-mining communities and they seem to have no hope for future world can be a better place – need to fight on – trades council work does this

9 years of austerity knocked the stuffing out of people – the demand for respect for referendum result was put in advance of social and economic needs

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