Peace & Socialism         

Campaign Against Euro-Federalism      

Campaign for Press & Broadcasting Freedom         

CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament                CND (West Midlands)

Communist Party                              

Justice for Colombia               Colombia Solidarity

Cuba Solidarity Campaign          Cuban goods for sale                    Granma   Cuban Newspaper

Green Party

Labour Representation Committee

National Pensioners' Convention

Stop the War  national Stop the War Coalition site

Palestine Solidarity Campaign                                      

Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

Wolverhampton Council Labour Group





Anti Academies Alliance

Asylum Support & Immigration Resource Team

Campaign Against the Arms Trade

Campaign Against Climate Change

Campaign Against Immigration Controls

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Campaign for Press & Broadcasting Freedom

Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers

Construction Safety Campaign This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Defend Council Housing

Families Against Corporate Killers

Globalise Resistance

Hazards Campaign

Keep Our NHS Public

Love Music-Hate Racism

Military Families Against The War

Miscarriages of Justice

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns

National Pensioners’ Convention

Newham Monitoring Project


No Sweat

Palestinian Solidarity Campaign

People & Planet

Public Services Not Private Profit

RSI Action


Show Racism the Red Card

Stop the War Coalition

Trade Union Disability Alliance

Unite Against Fascism