July 2013

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council   Minutes 18 July 2013


Present: Sis. Taylor (CYWU-UNITE), Halfpenny (NUT) , Jassal (UNISON Gen)

Bros.   Turner, Everall, Fraser, Deacon (UNISON Gen),  Grant (UCU),  Marris (UNITE), Retnasingham (UNITE Legal&Finance),  Grant (NUT), Thomas (Community, ) MacMillan & Childs (CWU)

Apologies: Bros. Juss (GMB), Rahimi  & Baynham (UNITE), Kelleher (UNISON Gen)  

Sis Elson(PCS) Kelsey (CWU) Sharkey & Ceresa(UNISON Gen)

Delegates were welcomed and introductions made.


Minutes of last delegate meeting (June) agreed,

Matters Arising 3. Jefny Ashcroft has been in touch and the project is ‘moving forward’    

                             4d Bro Marris had attended the Indian Workers Association Drama and said  ‘it was good’.    






















Executive Committee 11th July inquorate  Correspondence of note:

7a)   Donation of a set of George Barnsby’s books. It was discussed what we could do with the books.  This may be dependent on the number of books. Suggestion to give to archives, library, Alan Garner Centre etc. We have no suitable storage place.

b) Mayday 2014 funds raised to cover 2013 and money in account for float for 2014.

d) Costings for transport to Manchester Sunday 29th September 2013. Decision needed

UNISON has already booked a coach and would book second. Bro Kelleher to be point of contact for Wolverhampton. NUT would be willing to contribute to costs.

Bro Marris moved to purchase 40 return train tickets Bro Grant seconded and this was carried.

Pricing structure £15/£5 free agreed.


e) Motion regarding the Chainmakers’ Festival 2014 to encourage more grassroots participation from Sandwell and national support. Bro Marris spoke to the motion and amended it, which was agreed


Chainmakers Festival 2014

We congratulate Midlands TUC employees and those involved with the organisation of the 2013 Chainmakers’ Festival in Cradley Heath.

The increased turnout, particularly of local people , was testament to their good work and confirms the correct decision to bring the festival back to Cradely Heath, the home of chain making.

To improve on this year’s efforts we suggest for 2014 for example:

(i)        A local organising committee to assist the current work done. To involve local           

            community groups, schools and Sandwell Council as well as trade unions and trade     

            union councils.

(ii)     Increased involvement with Sandwell Council in advance to utilise their publicity


(iii)   Co-ordination with national TUC to send out publicity along the lines of their             

         Tolpuddle festival publicity for South West TUC, reminding affiliates and members     

          that this is a flagship celebration of women’s magnificent contribution to trade                   

          union struggles.  Publicity should be along the lines of the only women’s national festival.

The motion was carried unanimously.

This motion to be sent directly to Midlands Regional TUC.





























Delegates’ reports:

a) LGB&T  TUC Conference 2013  – no report at present

b) CWU –  Save Royal Mail Campaign- Campaigning events, parliament lobby, street stalls, leafleting. The public are more on board against sell off. 2 day forum coming up. The Investors are not coming forward due to sell off. Will the trade council support any action?

c) PCS- No report.

 d) CYWU-UNITE / UNISON – Youth Services- report to cabinet to develop and transform the youth service. 10 Youth clubs to be outsourced to voluntary groups. Youth council to be relocated. The Gorge Residential Centre and Sam Sharpe Project to be tendered out. Change to J&C and 4 night working – management will look at this. It will not be in next week’s report.  Unions want to protect national bargaining and harmonise terms and conditions. Using 35 full time posts. It is a deeply unsatisfactory situation. It seems to be difficult for managers to make decisions.  Can we as trade unionists mobilise community groups, as lack of youth provision leads to problems in areas?  There are 2 petitions which are still live until the end of August.  Need to reach 2,500 signatures to initiate debate in full council. Work through Wolverhampton tenants associations.  Consultation has not been honest or effective. Support for Youth Council needed by Trades Council next Wednesday 24th July 4.30 at civic centre.


e) UNISON – Children’s Centre campaign, pay campaign. 17 job losses. UNISON aware of 400 job losses where section 188 notices have been issued. Consultation has been in the day while parents are at work!

f) Other delegates’ workplace reports – NUT and NASUWT – Strike action at the end of September hopefully all the schools in Wolverhampton will close. The NUT intends to get into schools and educate members to stand up for their rights. Need to protect current conditions which have been in place for decades. A Local Authority pay policy has been given out to schools that does not meet NUT checklist. The end of the national pay agreement for teachers could lead to the same for UNISON members in schools etc.

g) Secretary’s Report: Sunday 28th July PRIDE Do we want to do stall? No volunteers. UNISON members could carry WB&DTUC banner.  Volunteers through website.  Information for members on TUC courses,

Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign online petition and lobby MPs    http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/41844 Delegates to submit this to own unions.

WB&DTUC to write letter of support for the campaign

Affiliation to Marx Memorial Library to executive

h) Palestine Solidarity  Campaign– Garden Party –  fund raiser -17th August  2-5pm

























 Speaker – After the People’s Assembly, What Now? Action plan for local people.

There was a discussion of the way forward and how ‘new’ people could be involved, apart from the ‘usual suspects’. There was some clarification as to the question ‘What is the Peoples’ Assembly?’ There needs to be campaigns around issues Working together – no particular group causes divisions not apolitical party. The Labour party is not offering an anti-cuts agenda. NK has ordered leaflets and it was agreed to fund these.


 Any Other Business – Bro Retnasingham attended Black workers Conference and a report of this will be an agenda item at the next meeting.



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