June 2003

Minutes of Delegate Meeting Thursday 19th June 2003

Attendance: Bros. N Brackenridge, D Ash, N Kelleher, W Juss, J Grant, J Eastalow, S Evans, C Stoll, K Whitson, A Gething, D Cole, S Godward Sis. M Taylor, P Welch, S Sagoo, H Aujla

1. Welcome to New Delegates & Apologies: Bros. R Marris, Ken Purchase, D Joynson, B Patel, A Turner, R Deacon, K Farmer Sis. K Clarke, T Morgan

2. Minutes of May delegate meeting Agreed a true and accurate record.
Matters Arising – 3.2 Sis. Taylor examined material, comment unnecessary, 3.3,3.13 not done. Send Pensioners Convention details to Bro. Brackenridge.

3. Correspondence
3.1) Unity Campaign & ANL – anti-fascist demo Dudley 28th June – lack of local community involvement discussed but message of support agreed to be sent by Sec.
3.2) UNISON General resolution re Bro. Marris – delegate agenda item, apologies June & July delegate meetings from Bro. Marris due to Parliamentary business
3.3) Bro. Barnsby – lessons of the war on Iraq
3.4) Mailings: Birmingham TUC – lack of information re new club to existing union club members raised
3.5) TUC re Globalisation & Gender conference Fri 27 June, London
3.6) TUC re Bradford TUCs conference, agenda, motions etc
3.7) Pinar del Rio Project (musical instruments for Cuba via Coventry)
3.8) Nat. Abortion Campaign AGM 12 July, London
3.9) Newsletters, available at meeting: CND, Wm Cooks week 107, Voices, Searchlight, PSC, Walsall WEA H&S bulletins, Republic newsletter
3.10) WC Council – Lifelong Learning Scrutiny Panel – our new co-optee Bro. John Grant
3.11) decrease in W.C.Council official unemployment (i.e. JSA claimant count)
It decreased by 32 to 6,711. Current rate of unemployment for the Borough is 6.6%.
The current rate of unemployment in the West Midlands County is 6%.
The current national rate for unemployment is 2.7%
3.12) STW activist conference 21 June London – details given out
3.13) MStar website annual listing £20
3.14) MStar adverts for TUC conference “Victory to Wm Cooks & Friction Dynamex” & TUC reportback
3.15) WC Council facility request for TUC Conf Sis Sagoo, Taylor & Bro. Kelleher (rejected)
3.16) WBC bar team for Glastonbury (7 places)

4. Reports:
a) Secretary, written report provided. STW group, Landmine Action campaign is next event planned, Bro. Marris provisionally agreed to assist, action likely to take place 18-30 July window.
Corporate manslaughter legislation – Bro. Marris raised problems that public sector not included, no further likelihood of custodial sentences, minister pushing it though had changed jobs, possibly not in next Queen’s Speech – TU pressure on government still vitally important
b) Palestine group – Garden Party invites circulated for July 12th.
c) Stop the War group
d) FBU. Steve Godward gave a verbal report on outcome of pay dispute.
e) Other Workplace report. Bro. Eastalow gave verbal report on the state of Beacon Industries – letter of support to be sent

5. Resolution – submitted by UNISON General Branch:
“Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC is disappointed that despite previous good positions on Iraq and the Middle East, Rob Marris, Wolverhampton South West MP, voted with the government in support of a pre-emptive war on Iraq.
We call upon Rob Marris to resign his position as Vice-President of WB&D TUC. ” moved by Bro.Kelleher was DEFEATED. A letter from Bro.Marris was read out. Secretary to send letter to Bro. Marris expressing disappointment at his vote and urging him not to take any future similar positions.

6. Speaker: Steve Godward on his sacking as a firefighter minutes before the first strike and of the campaign around his 3-year old son who was kicked out of the fire station nursery. No current financial campaign. Circulate future details of any solidarity support needed.

7.0 AOB none

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