Keep Wolverhampton fascist-free 2012

Once again our campaigns triumph, resulting in higher election turnouts and in Bushbury North & Springvale the fascists had their lowest ever number of votes!

Every BNP candidate who stood in the 2012 local elections across the UK, has lost. This includes those BNP councillors up for re-election. Neither did any of the other fringe facsist parties succeed. This is a fantastic rejection of their racist politics.

The BNP defeat means that there is no BNP councillor in Burnley for the first time in ten years. Other previous BNP strongholds like Calderdale, Rotherham, Amber Valley, Nuneaton & Bedworth, Three Rivers and Epping Forest are also now BNP free zones. This leaves the BNP with just three councillors, down from a high of 57.

In these difficult economic times it is only a matter of time before the fascists – in the guise of the BNP or some other party – once again pose a threat. But as the council election results show for 2012, not just yet!


Wolverhampton council elections 2012, Labour won 17 out of 20 seats


Bilston North 

Labour Party               Linda LEACH           1,687      majority1,306 

Conservative Party      Luke SWATMAN          381

British National Party   Stewart GARDNER      212         9.2%  last again

UKIP & LIB Dems both failed to stand here again this time

Electorate 8,871           Turnout 25.9%           highest turnout of all Bilston wards




Liberal Democrat     Richard WHITEHOUSE  1,257   majority 216

Labour Party              Hazel   MALCOLM      1,041

Conservative Party     John CHUBB                127

British National Party David BRADNOCK        173        

6.6%  the fascists’ lowest ever % here (8.8% last year) and lowest number of votes ever

Electorate 8,857  Turnout 29.4%       


Bushbury North

Labour Party              Jas DEHAR             1,188   majority 267   gained seat

Conservative Party      Carl HUSTED             921       

British National Party Simon PATTEN           353       

14.2%  last again and the lowest number of votes the fascists ever got here

Electorate 9,082           Turnout 27.5 % significantly higher than Bushbury South


1st weekend of leafleting – Bushbury – 60% of the ward was leafleted on the first day of leafleting. UNITE members were the main helpers with a few from UNISON. 18 volunteers came out.  By Monday all of the ward was completed 5,000 homes. 

2nd weekend 80% of Bilston North completed with 16 volunteers  (mainly UNISON helpers) and rest was completed during the week, braving the April showers.

3rd weekend Springvale completed despite the rain.

Vote on Thursday May 3rd Springvale, Bushbury North, Bilston North for ANYONE EXCEPT the fascist BNP 



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