March 2004

WB&D TUC Delegate Meeting
MINUTES Thursday 18th March 04

Attendance: Sisters: M Taylor (in the Chair), H Aujla, Brothers: A Turner, P Kalinauekas, R Tinsley, J Grant, B Deacon, P Davis, D Ash, R Marris, K Purchase, D Cole, P Sanchez, H Linder

1. Welcome to new delegates/visitors & Apologies:
Sister: S Sagoo Brothers: N Kelleher, D Turner, G Baynham, P Goalby

2. Minutes of February delegate meeting, matters arising:
2.3.4 Wm. Cooks – remedy meeting was unsuccessful. The appeal will go to Employment Tribunal. Dispute’s 4th year begins in April. LETTER OF SUPPORT & £100 still to be sent
2.6 asylum leaflet – Secretary has drafted – circulated to EC for comment

3. WB&D TUC Executive Committee Report (11-03-04) matters arising:
3.1) Wm.Cooks strike latest – has been put on website
3.2) WB&D TUC affiliations 2004 ISTC (Hall Palm) NULMW (2003&2004) UNISON Healthcare
3.5) Searchlight – new website launch
3.6) UNISON General re denial of facility time for Bro.Deacon for LGBT conference – write to Roger Lawrence, after checking with Bro.Deacon pointing out usefulness of TUC conferences eg DV policy proposed to council
3.8) Pensioners & Trade Union Action Association – demo Leicester Saturday 24th April – agreed to publicise and take banner if interest, Secretary has contacted Des Halestrap
3.10) Wolverhampton Council – Race Equality Organisation – meeting invite 29th March 6pm Studio 5, Newhampton Arts Centre. Need delegate. Also consultation report and launch conference Wednesday 26th May Dunstall Race Course 9.30-4pm 554015 200 places only
3.12) Wolverhampton Unemployment “Claimant Count” Jan 2004 increased by 417 to 6,435 current rate of unemployment for Borough 6.3%. West Midlands 6% national rate 2.6%
3.14) Peace & Progress Guantanamo prisoners meeting B’ham Co. House March 31st

4. No EC nominations received

5. Reports:
c) CYWU national strike – Sis.Taylor gave report from CYWU executive. Strike was suspended after some concessions but further dates are planned from 26th March
d) FBU – W.Mids Fire Authority lobby 22nd March over Steve Godward – support requested
e) NATFHE Leicester – strike suspended on 1st march pending negotiations. Bro. Deacon to check with Sis. Welch on NATFHE national action.
g) Anti-Racist Sub-Committee – next meeting Thurs 25th March. Secretary spoke at SWCLP General Council meeting on anti-fascist work.
h) Regional TUC – Valerie Broom stood down as Chair, motions opposing BNP were passed unanimously with a workshop following.
i) Stop the War group – national demo 1st anniversary of war Sat. March 20th no local coach organised. STW members going by train 9.19am
j) Palestine group – Queens Square 27th March, next activity on “wall”. Next meeting 1st April Blakenhall Community Centre
k) Womens TUC conference report – Sis.Sagoo will report at the next meeting

6. Speaker: Pablo Sanchez (NUJ) from Hands Off Venezuela campaign. Reported on US attempts to destabalise and formation of UNT trade union, which is looking for assistance from British unions. English language leaflets were requested from the campaign, £25 expenses and £25 donation agreed.

7. Any Other Business – Bro.Purchase proposed a discussion on TU support for Labour in the June 10th elections – this was agreed . Further discussion on council house stock. Councillors not connecting with tenants and local campaigns.

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