May 2010

Minutes WB&DTUC 20th May 2010

1) Introductions to delegates & visitors, new & old;
Present : Sis Petford, Taylor & Turner (UNITE), Ceresa, Sharkey & Burth(UNISON) Bro. Childs(CWU), Fraser, Turner, Kelleher & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Clarke & Bostock (POA), Cole (NUT), Rahimi (UNITE)
Apologies: Bro. Marriott(UNISON), Brackenridge(FBU), Grant(UCU),Hardacre(ASPECT), Thomas(Community), Sis. Kelsey(CWU), Reynolds(GMB), Brealey(UNISON)

2) Minutes of April meeting – corrections & matters arising Sis.Taylor will be our delegate to Morning Star AGM B’ham Thurs 3rd June 7pm. Invite Shrewsbury 24 speaker to next meeting. Seek presentation at Chainmakers’ festival – secretary to contact Midlands TUC

3) Executive Committee Report (13-5-10) & correspondence actioned:
3.1. 36th Burford Levellers’ Day Bro.Deacon attended for first time and was very impressed – like a mini Tolpuddle. Recommended future attendance, Saturday nearest 17th May.
3.2. TUC new website – resource for TUCs
3.3. Re-affiliations – none now outstanding
3.4. Trades Union Councils’ conference– no delegate was sent, a written report from Coventry delegate was distributed
3.5. Haldane Socialist lawyers affiliation £20 – put to next meeting Bro.Clarke to report
3.6. five complaints from fascist sympathisers from the 20,000 pieces of literature bearing our name and anti-fascist message distributed this month.
3.7. Sat June 12th Leicester TUC conference with Shop Stewards’ Network on Internationalism seeking £10 donations from sponsors – EC recommends £10
3.8. Manchester TUC new book You are Working Class £7.33 inc p&p or download free – circulate by email
3.9. Bro. Cole attended compulsory Workers’ Beer Company seminar – no new info received.
3.10. spent: £25 Workers’ Memorial Day wreath
3.11. TU Friends of searchlight £50 re-affiliation agreed

4) Reports:
a) Secretary – discussion of: anti-Bnp election campaign:
• Pheonix festival Sunday 18th July, Blakenhall agreed to run a TUC/HnH stall.
• Check with Searchlight if there will be a stall at Chainmakers
• Any events at Northicote to run stalls at?
• Seek report from Telford campaign which used commercial leaflet distributors at a cost.
• Need to leaflet Bilston North ward again due to higher than expected fascist vote.
• Design Wolves TUC anti-fascist T-shirts
• Delegates to write articles for their union newsletters based on written reports – seek any assistance needed from secretary.
• Use testimonials of volunteers – why they helped and how they found it.

Workers’ Memorial Day – good turnout but event had too much religion and singing did not work – Secretary to speak to BCUIM. POA delegates involved in Winson Green & rugby events.

May Day – £850 income this year but expenditure £2143. Seek further donations from local branches and apply for a development grant. UNISON General offered further support if needed. 30sec video on website – a longer version also produced.
look into a new design for a lightweight mesh banner for WB&DTUC

b) POA conference Bro.Bostock (national vice-chair POA) gave report – no ministers came for first time in years; privatisation of prisons, not even market testing now on cards so major battles ahead. General strike motion to TUC.

c) delegates' workplace reports & discussion:
on the way forward for unions after the election
UNISON – HR1 issued at W’ton college affecting UCU also. Threats to delegates’ jobs in Day Centres temporarily delayed due to union pressure and poor management. Single Status ongoing. Council having problems selling off some social care to private sector. W’ton Homes 100 job cuts and no more money for improvements has been result of the Arms Length management Organisation (ALMO) which UNISON campaigned against.
NUT – government plans to break-up education, giving schools to businesses and churches
CYWU-UNITE rally in Coventry 19th June – leaflet circulated government plans to outsource youth service
NHS- private health promotion and break-up attempts and pension attacks expected, local PCT being carved-up now. Voluntary sector is a business not charity.
CWU – privatisation threats increased on postal service
All unions need to support each other’s campaigns
Joint union campaign needed – Bro.Cole & Turner & WB&DTUC EC to arrange JULC (Joint Union Liaison Committee) as a planning meeting with view to developing a broader forum and a plan of action. Suggestion of linking around TUC-backed Peoples’ Charter. Oxford TUC campaigning newspaper very impressive – investigate possibility of producing similar as union alternative. Link with anti-bnp work and promote engagement of unions and community.

d) Midlands TUC – none of the delegates were present.

g) Cuba Solidarity campaign: Maria Aleida Del Reigo, Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) “Fireflies in the Night” short film about Cuban doctors in Haiti 7pm Saturday 19th June, the Olde White Rose, Bilston Free admission, All welcome.
No garden party this year.

h) Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign public meeting, Friday 25th June 7-9pm
St Andrew's church hall, Avion Centre, Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton with Ken Purchase

6) Any Other Business Sis. Petford moved that an advert for Housman’s Books the on-line Alternative to anti-union Amazon, be placed on website – agreed

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