May 2010

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC MAY 2010
Secretary's Report

I would like to record the thanks of our trades council for the work that our delegate Rob Marris has done as Wolverhampton SW MP on behalf of trade unions and working people. The hardest working backbench MP will be something the voters of SW W’ton will not have the luxury of for awhile now.
Congratulations to our other delegate Emma Reynolds who takes over from Ken Purchase, who had an excellent voting record and was listed as one of the Morning Star’s Left MPs. Thanks Ken & Rob.

See separate Wolverhampton Anti-fascist election report our 41 volunteers delivered to 18,000 homes in 3 weeks in another successful campaign.

Stand Together Against the Racist EDL in Dudley on Saturday 17th July.
The English Defence League (EDL), a mixture of football hooligans and BNP supporters, again plan to march in Dudley.
When they came on April 3rd they caused the town to be boarded up for the day and tried to attack police and property, they say they are coming again and have stated THAT THEY DON'T CARE WHAT PROBLEMS IT CAUSES FOR THE TOWN !!
Like the BNP, the EDL try to claim they are not racist – yet hold anti-Muslim placards and sing racist chants.
Therefore it is important that we again show the EDL that they are not welcome in Dudley by mobilising as big of a protest as possible. Unless we do this, this time the EDL, with the support of the BNP – could march through Dudley unopposed, able to intimidate local residents and portray themselves as the 'sieg hailing' majority.

Protest against this year’s bnp Red, white & blue festival moved to Denby, Derbyshire off A38 (nearer than Codnor) Saturday August 14th

16th annual 1st May Workers’ Day had a large and diverse turnout despite the weather. Night was packed full of entertainment and excellent speakers. See reports on

17th-18th September Women Chain Makers Festival, Black Country Museum, Tony Benn, Frances O’Grady & Billy Hayes due to speak on Saturday– does anyone want to volunteer for bar work to raise funds for Wolverhampton TUC, working for the Workers’ Beer Company?


Annual Delegation to Belfast to: attend political talks / discussion workshops, visit community groups & join in the West Belfast Community Festival
Thurs 5th – Sun 8th August 2010 Further info: Troops Out Movement 0797 017 4167

WB&DTUC affiliated union branches 2010: largest number of branches for some years
ASLEF, ASPECT, ATL, Community Hall Palm & 1700 branches,
CWU: W’ton and WMids& Worcs, branches, GMB X13, FBU, NASUWT, NUT, PCS(CPS Midlands), POA, UCU (College), UNISON: General, Healthcare & University branches,
UNITE: 3120M, 5/748, 0758M, 5 /836, 5/998 & CYWU branches

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