November 2016

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council
Delegate Meeting Minutes 17 November 2016

1. Welcome and Introductions to delegates and visitors plus apologies:
Present – Sis Taylor(UNITE-CYW), Whyte, Weaver (UNISON),
Bros Kelleher, Deacon, Pugh,Turner, Quigley (UNISON Gen), J Grant (UCU), Childs (CWU), Stoll, Royale (Dudley TUC – UNISON)Beuno (Sandwell UNISON)
Apologies Sis Brealey (UNISON) Halfpenny (NUT),Bros S Grant(NUT), Brackenridge (Labour Group, FBU). Marris, Rahimi (UNITE), Everall (UNISON) Juss (GMB)
All were welcomed and introduced.

2.Minutes of October Meeting: agreed with correction Bro.Martin (MU) gave apologies matters arising 4b) Pegasus pub, May Day venue, appeal to magistrates will be January. 6a) Bro Kelleher attended the successful anti-fascist rally organised by Telford and Shropshire TUC. They organise Funky Fridays Against Austerity night 1st Friday each month.

3.Executive meeting was inquorate
a) future speakers, AGM; Pete Lowe on WM Combined Authority and POA suggested. Agreed to book Tim Martin to entertain at Dec meeting
b) “Wolverhampton Worker” Wolverhampton Trades and Labour Council newspaper to be taken to delegate meeting. Bro. Kelleher has scanned, with help from Unison office the majority of the 24 editions in the two years it was printed May 1913- April 1915; to be put online.
c) Correspondence of note:
1. Channel 4 contacted us 17/11/16 seeking struggling working people in Wolverhampton to interview this Monday, circulated via Facebook to over 300 people, no response.
2. TUC Action for Rail 7-9am on Tuesday 3 JANUARY 2017, action organised@ Wolverhampton Rail Station Bridge. 1,000 postcards ordered. Facebook event to be done; Aslef and RMT contacted. RMT new branch Secretary Bro.Smith asked about venues, Network House suggested.
3. another TUC heart/love unions week 7-14 February 2017 – 250 red carnations in holders agreed as worked well last year- need better promotional material. Agreed Sat 11 Feb @Wednesfield Sun 12 Feb@Bilston market – book stalls.
4. Midlands TUC – Common Ground post brexit discussion Ten Towns project includes W’ton; have emailed on 7 Nov, no response yet
5. motions by 16 December for Midlands TUC Regional Council Sat 25 Feb ’17
6. London Recruits crowdfund request £25 agreed.
7. Thanks agreed to Marion Halfpenny, Minutes Secretary for her work over years as she expected to move from area.
8. Peoples Assembly offer of “I, Daniel Blake” public showing DVD/film @£60 agreed in principle, Secretary to make arrangements for future showing maybe with local PA or at May Day. Excellent film 1hr30min
9. Hazards 2017 appeal – agreed to donate £25
10. Workers Beer Co copies of BACS payments received for Glastonbury & Tolpuddle £882 total – half i.e. ( £300 (donation) & £141 (pre-fund adverts) to be sent to Morning Star)
11. Rob Marris – unemployed claimants in Wolverhampton South West constituency in – have put on website
12. bought printer cartridge £9; stamps x48 £26.40 NK reimbursed
13. sent: Stop the War affiliation request £50
14. sent: 2017 affiliation forms for WB&DTUC to branch secretaries
15. to UCU College re affiliation cheque which was returned by bank
16. messages of support sent to Worcester TUC 125yrs anniversary and Birmingham TUC 150yrs anniversary
17. 3,100 page views on our website in last month
18. best wishes sent re resignation as delegate Bro. Martin Musicians Union; retirement Bro Heathcock RMT
19. request to Wolverhampton Authority sign up to the TUC’s ‘Dying to Work’ campaign; also raised by UNISON

4. Reports/discussion:
a] Delegates’ workplace reports – UNISON threatened strike of workers who escort transported children settled; hours reduction but payment of shift allowance to them and other workers. Job losses in schools, more expected in council. Threat to cut in refuge collection, online questionnaire with no comments allowed as the “consultation”. SOS Care day held with over 70 letters to councillors completed dozen helpers in Queen Square. 48 councillors so far failed to respond.
b] Secretary’s report – written report spoken to.
d] Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign Judicial review re legality of council regulations currently unclear. Lobby of Parliament Rob Marris not involved as PSC had not listed his comments last time. Film night 2 December.

5. Speaker at 8pm: Paul Quigley spoke on the Lucas Aerospace Shop Stewards Combine Committee Alternative Plan, conference (26 Nov) – They’d lobbied the Sec State Tony Benn in 1974 at his suggestion drew up the plan over 18 months. 150 new potential products in medical, transport and alternative energy were put forward, including Hobcart a vehicle for children with spina bifida and hybrid vehicles, but were rejected by management. Put forward by lay officials but neither TU leadership or Labour Party fully took it up. It was nominated for a Nobel prize in Industrial Democracy. Relevance 40 years on of the pioneering effort by workers to fight job losses by proposing alternative, socially useful applications of the company’s technology and their own skills as Britain’s economy remains over dependent on arms production. The company 13,000 workers at plants in Wolverhampton, Coventry and four in Birmingham, now UTC in Wolverhampton. £50 donation agreed

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