October 2004

WB&D TUC Delegate Meeting MINUTES Thursday 21st October 04

Attendance: Brothers: J Grant, N Kelleher, B Deacon, G Baynham, S Evans, A Turner, A Goodall, M Sahota, K Purchase, R Marris, D Turner, Sister: M Taylor, T Morgan
1. Welcome to new delegates/visitors & Apologies: Brothers: N Brackenridge P Goalby, R Tinsley, K Farmer, Sis. S Sagoo, GMB sister

2. Minutes of September delegate meeting agreed correct with following addition:
6. speakers expenses paid. Movement For Justice £45 donation (including £20 donated at meeting)
matters arising:
2.3.21 PSC model letter for MEPs – Bro. Deacon has redrafted response. Sec to write to the two new Labour MEPs. Others not responding to PSC letters.
3.1 invite Wm.Cook strikers to AGM
3.2 Sec to write to CWU branch seeking affiliation
3.14 CSC conference report on next agenda Bro.Cole & ask Sis.Morgan
3.23 Secretary to write and welcome Roger McKenzie and offer future invite
3.27 Cuba quiz made money but poor attendance
5. Venezuela resolution sent to CATUC but clarification required on term “UNT” in motion – ask Bro.Goodall

3.1) Midlands TUC – new regional Sec Roger McKenzie news release-
3.2) Material for 20 Nov demo, Lambeth – themes anti racism and for the reinstatement of a shop steward who won his job back at tribunal – circulated. Bro.Sahota reported that a UNISON minibus was due to be hired and that places are available. Contact him on 554004
3.3) £844.20 Workers Beer Co. – Leeds festival – half to MStar
3.4) Unite Against fascism re ESF
3.5) Pensioners TU Assoc. request support for EDM 1625
3.6) TUC – Mon 8 Nov Future of H&S Commission conference, London £25 fee
3.7) TUC – seeking info on Trades Councils’ H&S initiatives
3.8) Hazards 2005 sponsorship appeal
3.9) Low Pay Unit – seminar & AGM Wed 20 Oct, Coventry daytime
3.10) MStar invoice for notice of Kamaljit’s death – paid from WBCo. Money
3.11) B’ham TUC minutes & mailing – Secretary job vacant
3.12) Midlands TUC Womens committee – Domestic Violence a workplace issue Thurs 25th Nov daytime, free lunch, Jennie Lee Centre, Wolverhampton – details on website
3.13) CATUC re-affiliation request £30
3.14) Bro.Barnsby, copy of correspondence sent re Blair
3.15) Euro safety week 18-24 October
3.16) ACTSA AGM Sat 6 Nov, London
3.17) CSC Unions for Cuba conference London 6 Nov
3.18) United Campaign to Repeal anti TU laws – national rally Sat 13 Nov 04, Conway Hall, London, briefing from John Hendy – put on website
3.19) NUJournalists seeking support for BBC petition circulated at meeting – details on website
3.20) Socialist Health Assoc. “Is the NHS free at point of delivery?” 10-12-30pm Sat 30th Oct Oldbury
3.21) Liberty – ID cards pamphlet
3.22) Lighthouse invite to West Indian cultural performance Living Under One Roof 6.45pm for 7.30pm Wed 3 Nov
3.23) Dennis Turner MP & Ken Purchase voted for Civil Partnership Bill 2nd Reading
3.24) Trainline account offer and discount until January
3.25) TGWU DAF Electricians ET victory press cuttings – put info on website – send letter
3.26) London Joint Sites Committee Channel Tunnel workers in dispute – no mention of which unions involved
3.27) PSC mailing – copies available
3.28) Request from refugee by email – polite refusal to be sent
3.29) Bro.Halestrap W’ton NPC Annual Report AGREED re-affiliation £6
3.30) Remembrance Day invite
3.31) Newsletters (available at meeting and can be taken away): ACTSA, Searchlight, Voice of the Unions, Reclaim Our Rights, Liberty, Voices (Iraq), Abortion Rights,

WB&DTUC minutes October 21st 2004 continued…..
Correspondence sent
3.32) Condolences of Kamaljit’s death from WB&DTUC & Banner Theatre sent to family
3.33) £25 PSC donation
3.34) Bro.Juss expenses paid for TUC Black Workers conference

4. Reports:
a) Secretary. Bro.Kamaljit Singh’s death was reported (night of last trades council). Condolences to family, card was sent and notice in Morning Star.
b) Treasurer approx £2k in account
c) CYWU national pay dispute – Sis.Taylor reported that ACAS were involved and that negotiations with employers were taking place over the next month to resolve the 03/04 pay rise.
d) GMB – Landrover – Bro.Evans reported that 67% had voted to accept the 18-point Road Map introducing more flexible working conditions. Ford is playing plants off against each other and wanting to reduce numbers of shop stewards and safety reps. They sold off 600 driver jobs to an agency and want 12% productivity increase.
e) Defend Wolverhampton Council Housing – UNISON delegates reported that ballot began today after announcement to union day before. MPs said Government had written to council stating that no money had been allocated to any Wolverhampton ALMO. UNISON had written to councillors urging them to respect labour conference decision for a moratorium on ALMOs. AGREED SECRETARY TO DO NEWS RELEASE.

f) Midlands TUC LGBT Network – Bro.Deacon gave report. Regional TUC Education courses being run on new legislation.
g) Palestine group – leaflet on latest activity was circulated.
h) European Social Forum – no report
i) Venezuela Solidarity Campaign – Bro.Goodall reported on recent referendum victory for President Chavez. Need for support for trade unions. CIA sponsored coup a possibility if Bush wins.


WB&D TUC congratulates the Movement for Justice for building a movement of workers and community which has been demonstrating over the last three years the capacity we collectively have to win actual changes and deal a blow to institutional racism.
Following the unlawful sacking of UNISON steward Alex Olowade – accused of gross misconduct for campaigning against racism in the workplace – thousands have taken a stand, circulated petitions, and last year compelled Lambeth Council to hold an historic public inquiry into institutional racism and the degrading effect on services.
At the heart of this campaign is the assertion of the right to name racism and speak out; making equality and statements a reality.
The ability of collective action to win change has been expressed through the Public Inquiry and a ground breaking victory at the Employment Tribunal, including the rare order for reinstatement of Alex Olowade.
WB&D TUC welcomes the decision of the Employment Tribunal to order the re-instatement of Alex Olowade, UNISON Shop Steward and leading member of the Movement for Justice.
WB&D TUC believes that this decision is significant for the whole union since the tribunal found that:
i) The principal reason for Alex Olowade’s dismissal was trades union activity.
ii) The dismissal amounted to victimisation in breach of the Race Relations Act
WB&D TUC therefore agrees to:
a) Write to Lambeth Council calling on them to re-instate Alex Olowade
(subject first to seeking up to date information and advice from Lambeth Branch)
b) Publicise & support the demonstration called by the Movement for Justice in Lambeth 20 November.

6.Speaker: PCS speaker was ill so Bro.Kelleher gave report received from PCS Regional Office on their campaign to save 104,000 jobs and their strike on November 5th.

7. Any Other Business – none

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