October 2012


MINUTES OF Delegate MEETING 18th October 2012


Present: Bros. Kelleher, Fraser, & Deacon (UNISON Gen),  Macmillan & Childs (CWU) ,  Retnasangham (Prospect), Rahimi (UNITE 0758M), Jackson (UNISON Police Staff)

  Sis Taylor (CYWU/Unite), Ceresa (UNISON Gen),  Harrison (UNISON Police Staff)

Apologies:  Bros. Marris & Purchase (UNITE 5/836), S.Grant (NUT),  Brackenridge FBU, Turner & Everell (UNISON Gen), J.Grant (UCU)  Sis Brealey & Sharkey (UNISON Gen), Halfpenny (NUT)


Minutes of September 2012 delegate meeting.  Agreed a true record. 

Matters arising: We are Walsall anti-EDL demo successful though low TU base.  EDL outnumbered 5:1 Anti-demo was well apart and safe. 28 of them arrested for attacking the police and each other.

Midland Choose Youth rally had 100 attend and was successful. Sis Crawford TUC involved local young people in national publicity for Oct 20th.

Motions still to be actioned.

Paul Mackney to speak at November meeting on anti austerity campaigns in Greece.


No  Executive Committee report. Correspondence list circulated; of note:

a)     Bro.Purchase re Council promotion of Carillion to sponsor a Wednesfield High Academy

b)   VSC: Massive Victory of Hugo Chavez on a Record Turnout in Venezuela’s Free and Fair Presidential Election

c)    £370 collected for tickets £100 to be paid on day (£1,232 cost less £500 grant. expected contribution from WB&DTUC = £262)

d)   £1,529.13 received for work @Leeds festival (£764.56 to be paid to Morning Star).  We need new volunteers for next year.


e)   Application for special TUC Development Grant £500 (in addition to normal application, not yet made for this year) – approved

f)     2013 WB&DTUC affiliation forms to branch secretaries


 Reports/ discussion

a.    UNISON threat of cuts to t&c of 9,140 council workforce. 25% to lose pay as a result of job evaluation. 100s of appeals. Stowheath Day Centre and Warstones Resource Centre threatened.

b.    UNISON Police staff – workplace moves will affect women workers adversely. Police Commissioner election hustings being held by Birmingham TUC. UNISON & UNITE Police Staff  branches supporting Bob Jones (Labour)

c.    Save Wolverhampton Libraries Campaign consultation until 23.10.12. Bro.Macmillan reported that costings for community hubs were vague and inaccurate. Resistance reported at meetings. Petitions reached 2,500 to generate council debate. Lobby of meeting.

d.     Secretary’s report – Union Christmas party 08.12.12 quadrant Lounge £3. Publicity for each Union’s Christmas party. Demonstration against the Tory conference – time and route changed  few days before. Much lower turnout than in Manchester last year. Fewer local coaches than for March 26th  TUC demo for 20.10.12 TUC march through London for a Future that Works. Bought 40 tickets for train. 

e.    Palestine Solidarity Campaign Batsheva Israeli dance folk 13 & 14 Nov Birmingham PSC cultural boycott. Lobby of parliament 28.11.12.

5         Speaker did not show. Any Other Business – none


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