Tom Mann Memorial Lecture 2019

The future of work

Speaker: Len McCluskey (General Secretary, Unite)

Weds 30th Oct
Doors open 7pm
Methodist Central Hall
Coventry CV1 2HA


Tom Mann was born in April 1856 in Grange Road in Longford,
Coventry and was a leading trade union figure of the late 19th
and early 20th centuries.
He was co-leader of the great London dock strike in 1889, and
subsequently President of the Dock, Wharf, Riverside and
General Labourers’ Union; co-founder of the National
Transport Workers’ Federation; and, until retirement, general
secretary of the Amalgamated Engineering Union.
All unions which found their final home in what today is Unite.
Mann formed the Eight Hour League and in 1889, with James
Keir Hardie, successfully campaigned for the TUC to adopt the
eight-hour day as a key goal.
Today, 130 years later, with robotics, automation and artificial
intelligence threatening millions of jobs, just what is the future
of work – and where will the next generation’s jobs come
What should trade unionists and socialists be fighting for, so as
to share out work and achieve decent living standards? How
should society be reorganised so workers and their families
share the full benefits of modernisation not become its victims?
The Tom Mann Lecture was always a major trade union event
organised by the Coventry TUC. We’re pleased Len McCluskey,
General Secretary of Unite, will give this year’s keynote address
and help us restart the tradition.
Everyone is welcome.
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