Trade union anti-fascist election campaigns successful

2010    –   for latest info on this year's activity click here

Wednesfield North was fully leafleted on the Weekend of Action 27/28th March – a magnificent turnout 23 people volunteered this weekend:
Sun 28th March the remaining 1,400 homes in the Wednesfield north ward were leafleted and in the pub by midday Sunday. 
Sat 27th March – 3,400 homes leafleted on the first day of our latest Weekend of Action a magnificent effort by our volunteers, just 1,400 left for Sunday.

Holocaust Memorial Day (Jan 27th 2010) – mailing went out to all local religious organisations and leafleting was undertaken on the day


Never Forget – Remembrance Day Hope Not Hate leaflet

Weekend of Action - 7/8 November

All of Bushbury North ward was leafleted in November 09, along with parts of Oxley ward.  

Read about the Commonwealth citizens' part in WW2

 CLICK HERE to view our leaflet – Jobs & Homes not racism

 – we distributed 5,000 Bilston East Matters Hope Not Hate leaflets (CLICK HERE to view) on the Weekend of Action Sat 26th & Sunday 27th September 09


4 June 2009 Euro elections:

WB&DTUC urged people to register to vote if  not already

Vote for Hope NOT Hate in the euro elections – anyone BUT the bnp

almost 30,000 leaflets and newspapers distributed through doors, in factories and workplaces, to churches, gudwaras, mosques, community groups and commuters in Wolverhampton in the last 3 weeks. This euro election campaign has been our biggest and best mobilisation ever. Thank you all to the 70 volunteers, a magnificent effort. 

CLICK HERE to let us know YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HELPING in our campaigns in the future.



 leaflets &  Reports of  Wolverhampton Hope Not Hate campaign….


 Vote for hope, not hate   by voting for any party

but NOT the fascist Bnp

Tuesday 2nd June  – we started earlier with one volunteer out at 6am for eve of poll leafleting at train and bus stations – 2,500 were distributed, that's 1000 per hour! 10 volunteers from UNISON, NUT, & ASPECT unions.

Action Weekend 23rd/24th May 2009 Whitmore Reans, West Park, Parkfields & Blakenhall all covered – 28 volunteers, and again run out of leaflets – had to rush around to get 5000 more for Sunday!

UNION FRIDAY May 15th – a dozen trade unionists from UNSON, UNITE & CWU distributed 2,000 more newspapers to rail and bus commuters and taxis to commuters at the railway station in the drizzle from 7am until we ran out early at 8.40am. We had an excellent response with many taking away extra copies for their work colleagues.

Thanks to all the 32 volunteers on Saturday May 9th who came out to help distribute 10,000 Searchlight anti-fascist newspapers urging people to vote AGAINST the fascist bnp on June 4th – the euro elections. Special thanks to 16 of you who came and helped us for the first time. The majority of volunteers also attended the recent 1st May event; which had an anti-fascist theme and at which Matthew Collins spoke from Searchlight and called on support for our Day of Action.
Starting at 10.30 – most had finished by noon and we enjoyed a feast of Caribbean food which had been prepared for us by our May Day caterers.
We had just 500 newspapers left after a really successful morning. They were gone by the next day and we re-ordered.
Several thousands of seperate leaflets as well as newspapers have been distributed to all the religious organisations in the local area. This was in response to the anti-Christian slur they put out recently. Click HERE to see the leaflet we distributed – HOPE not Hate hits back at the BNP's offensive billboard blitz. A5 double sided colour BNP hijacks Jesus leaflet
Click HERE to see the Pride not Prejudice leaflet, which uncovers the continuing homophobia within the BNP and explains why the LGBT community must vote. A5 double sided, full colour.

Click HERE to see the Women's leaflet – Reveals the BNP belief that the answer to the economic crisis is for women to give up work. A5 double sided, full colour.

Click HERE to see the European election leaflet -the new hardhitting HOPE not Hate leaflet designed for the European elections. It exposes the fascist core at the heart of the BNP and how they want to link up with other hardline fascists and racists in the European Parliament. A4 folded to DL size, full colour.

these can be obtained from Searchlight/Hope not Hate – we may have some left if you contact us.

Click here to read more info on how the elections will work

WB&DTUC urges you to register to vote if you are not already

Vote for Hope NOT Hate in the euro elections – anyone BUT the bnp

Hope Not Hate video fom National Union Students

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