Trade union anti-fascist election campaigns successful

Oct 08 – heavy defeats for the fascists in both by-elections


BNP has been driven out of Wednesfield South! – their HQ and candidate's electoral address was found lying empty and TO LET before the result was even declared! 

Wednesfield North by-election result on Thursday 23 October 2008
CLARKE, Neil                    Conservative Party    1295

JONES, Dave                    Labour Party            1072
ORGAN, Dennis Anthony    British National Party 337 11.8%
JENKINS, Ian                    Liberal Democrats    156
Turnout: 31.61% 1 spoilt Electorate: 9055 Ballot Papers Issued: 2862

the fascists' voted has dopped from 23% to 22% to 15% to 11% in successive elections

Wednesfield South by-election result on Thursday 23 October 2008
DOBB, Peter William         Conservative Party 1123

HARDACRE, Michael Owen  Labour Party 867
BRADNOCK, David             British National Party 358 14.4%
STEATHAM, John Richard    Liberal Democrats 134
Turnout: 28.52% 4 spoilt Electorate: 8717 Ballot Papers Issued: 2486

BNP stood in the October 23rd by-elections in Wednesfield North and Wednesfield South, taking place following the unceremonious exit of the sitting Tory councillors. The fascists have stood 4 times now in Wednesfied North without success. Their vote has been successively driven back since its initial highest point, but it is essential we do not let them get a foot-hold. We will continue to run anti-campaigns if ever they stand again.  click here to view our message


May 08 – The British National Party are weak in Wolverhampton and getting weaker. 

2008 was only the third time they have put up council candidates. Just Wednesfield North two yeras ago, then six wards in Wolverhampton North East last year and just two in 2008: Wednesfield North & Bushbury North. There are no council elections here in 2009.

Bushbury North Ward 2008 Result -Conservative gain, fascist votes dropped by 28% on 2007

Carl Husted                 Conservative Party 1723 maj.699
Paula Brookfield           Labour Party 1024 
Simon Geoffrey Patten British National Party 580 (16.1%) 
Susan Bem                 Liberal Democrat 269

Ballot papers issued 3601 Electorate 9151poll 39.17 % 2nd highest in constituency to Wednesfield N – Bushbury S was a 22% turnout

Searchlight national leaflets were initially delivered and then our own postcards were delivered to complete the ward and re-leaflet ward

2007 Result – Conservative hold
Leslie Pugh Conservative Party 1312 Majority 368
Mike Hardacre Labour Party 944
Simon Geoffrey Patten British National Party 790 (22.4%)
James Lindly Liberal Democrat 466
Ballot papers issued 3522 Electorate 9105 poll 39%
Searchlight national leaflets were delivered covering the entire ward

2006 result:
Neville Anthony Patten Conservative Party 1571
Paul Allen Labour Party 1154
James Lindly Liberal Democrat 569
Ballot papers issued 3338 37% turnout
Fascists did not stand

Wednesfield North Ward 2008-Result Conservative gain – fascist support has consistently dropped, 33% down on 2007 and 40% down on 2006
Hazel Keirle Conservative Party 1699 maj.403
Phill Bateman Labour Party 1296
Dennis Anthony Organ British National Party 578 (15.3%)
Colin Ross Liberal Democrat 186
Ballot papers issued 3785 Electorate 9005
poll 42.03 % highest in constituency by some way- Wednesfield S was a 36% turnout
Searchlight leaflets were initially delivered and then our own postcards were delivered to complete the ward then re-leafleted ward 

2007 Result
Charlotte Emily Quarmby Conservative 1327 Majority 187 (gain)
Dave Jones Labour Party 1140
Arthur Charles Newman British National Party 844 (22.7%)
Irene Dodd Independent 513
Ballot papers issued 3730 Electorate 9032 poll 42%
Searchlight national leaflets were delivered covering the entire ward

2006 result: 
David Bourne Conservative Party 1225
Gwen Stafford Good Labour Party 1157
Dennis Anthony Organ British National Party 1016 (25.6%)
Arthur Charles Newman Independent 563
Ballot papers issued 3973
44% turnout. 3rd highest numbers (and % turnout) voting in any ward, significantly higher than any other ward in the constituency. 

1st time BNP stood in Wolves council election, no other fascists stood in Wolves – locally produced leaflets were delivered covering the entire ward

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union council has run campaigns against the fascists each time leafleting the wards to encourage voters to turn out and vote for any of the other parties. The policies that the BNP put forward are not compatable with a decent democratic society.

We are pursuing HOPE, NOT HATE in our campaign. The BNP is not a normal political party. It is a racist and fascist organisation that peddles fear, loathing and division. It preys on people`s insecurities, offering cheap solutions to complex questions. More importantly, it stands against basic British traditions of fairness, tolerance, democracy and equality.


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