Trades Union Councils Programme of Work 2010-2011


Conclusion Here are the bullet points from each of the Programme of Work Sections


Building the Trade Union Council Movement

  • Support national union campaigns and build support in local communities for the repeal of anti-union legislation;
  • Build understanding in the community of the work of unions
  • Develop and support local and regional campaigns to defend public services
  • Promote public services by highlighting the broad range of benefits, both social and economic, that public services bring to the local community
  • Establish a programme of engagement with community groups Use collaborative work with community groups as organising opportunities
  • Develop a broad range of communication tools, e.g. Facebook, blogs, YouTube etc., to deliver the union message in the community


From Recession to Recovery

  • Identify the needs of the local community in order to develop programme of activity,
  • Review use of local media to identify effective publicity campaigns to inform union members and the local community about how they can help to defend those whose livelihoods are under threat
  • To act as the unified voice of the union movement in the area to influence economic development and support those, including employers, willing to work with trade unions
  • Review relationship with local UWC and improve, if necessary, joint ways of working. If no centre exists consider establishing a centre
  • Consider developing local One Fund for All Scheme


Fighting Fascism and the Far Right

  • Counteracting the „moderate‟ face of fascism with campaigns which reveal the BNP, EDL and others real agenda
  • Put on events, involving the local community, which celebrate diversity
  • Affiliate to Trade Union Friends of Searchlight and HopeNotHate and support these organisations events and campaigns
  • Use the Searchlight resources to assist with the trades union council’s anti-fascist campaigns
  • Highlight the sexist attitudes of the fascist parties and develop working relationships with lesbian, gay, trans-sexual and bisexual groups working in the area to seek advice and support for union campaigns against BNP, EDL and others.
  • Education is an important element in counteracting fascist propaganda – consider how the trades union council can get involved with local education programmes  


Developing Green Trade Union Councils

  • Have regular report backs on affiliated unions’ work on greening the workplace
  • Consider how the trades union council can promote union green workplace reps (UGRs) in their area. Use TUC or produce own locally relevant material.
  • Build links with local environment campaign groups for two way exchange of information and support.
  • Contact local Friends of the Earth groups. Discuss the possibilities of developing material, or staging or participating in events, aimed at young people.
  • Information sheets, publicity and ideas on connecting with young people may exist elsewhere which the trades union council can adapt.
  • Consider ways to support local environment improvement Initiatives 


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